Instant, Automated Temperature Scanning for Businesses in Columbus, Ohio

Protect your employees and customers

The CDC recommends discouraging individuals from entering a facility if they have a fever of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Our Goodview Dynamic Detection Display scanners take the temperatures of employees and customers, automatically, accurately, and in seconds! Why pay an hourly employee to put their own health at risk scanning customers manually, when you could do your screening automatically?

Goodview Dynamic Detection Display Systems



Readings within
0.9 degrees Fahrenheit


Optimal temperature readings at 1.5 feet

Available wall-mount, table stand, or floor stand


Optional wireless network capabilities


All devices are covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty


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Dustin Kelly

Sales - Columbus, OH

(614) 259-8704

A USMC veteran and Columbus native who is passionate about getting the city's businesses up and running in a safe, responsible manner.


Email Dustin directly at the address above, or book a demonstration below!

DJ Mutters

Sales - Columbus, OH

(614) 259-8270

DJ has been operating his family business in Columbus for over a decade, he knows firsthand the business difficulties caused by the coronavirus.


Email DJ directly at the address above, or book a demonstration below!

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