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Contact Tracing

Corona Tag is an innovative device designed to monitor social distancing in the workplace, school, or public venues. It eliminates the need for a wide shutdown in case of infection. Based on HSL technology, Bluetooth signals measure the distance and exposure time between tags without revealing or saving personal information. The device is fully independent, does not rely on cell phones or other connections, and does not require charging.

Corona Tag:

  • Preserves Individual Privacy — Bluetooth signal is used to only measure the distance to other tags. It does not pair, receive or transmit data to any other device.

  •  Secured — Data is extracted only when an authorized administrator uses a special cable and software to extract events history from a confirmed sick individual's tag.

  •  Preserves Anonymity — Tags only record other tag numbers, exposure time and distance. No location, names or other private data is recorded. No GPS or SIM card needed.

  •  Short–Term Archiving — Information is kept only for the last two weeks. No central database of encounters is kept.

  •  Low Cost and Easy Deployment and Use — No special infrastructure required. No user training of any kind is required.

  •  Energy Efficient — Battery lasts approximately four months.

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